When he became head coach in 2003, hometown fans were furious with his play calling. But after they saw the results, they changed their minds…

Arkansas high school football coach Kevin Kelley has an unusual approach to the game: He never punts the ball. He only does onside kicks. And he never returns punts.

Kelley’s teams won 124 games and three state championships. In one game, they scored 29 points… before the opposing team ever touched the ball.

According to The New York Times,Kelley credits his football philosophy to a college professor’s research he stumbled across by accident. The crux of the paper: The conventional wisdom was wrong. Teams should not punt—ever. The odds favored using all four downs for offense. Kelley proved the theory.

Now, Kelley’s success is known throughout the football world… but no major collegiate or professional coaches have tried to replicate his unconventional success.

It’s a tribute to the power of the herd…

No matter what the data suggest, coaches fear irate fans. It’s easier for them to stick with what “feels” right to outside observers. They may lose games, but they’ll keep their jobs.

In investing and trading, as in football, it’s not easy to be a contrarian. But if you want to win, your path couldn’t be any clearer.

Take last decade’s housing collapse. If you bought property in 2010-2011, the odds are good your friends and relatives said you were idiotic. The same goes if you bought gold in 2001… or stocks right after the 1987 crash… or oil after its recent collapse to $40 per barrel from $100. When “everyone knows” something is “crazy”… that’s your opportunity.

Watch the six-minute video below. It details Coach Kelley’s story. And it presents a powerful lesson you must learn to become a successful investor.

Then read our next item. It shows you how to apply what you’ve learned “on the gridiron” in the options market…