When it comes to early stage megatrends, you don’t always need perfect timing. If you can get the industry’s trajectory right, the primary trend’s powerful growth will bail you out.

But nothing goes up in a straight line. So the key is having a plan to profit from each flight of the market’s fear and fantasy.

That’s why at PBRG, we not only uncover under-the-radar, money-making trends… we also share strategies to stay rational in times of volatility.

Be sure to check out our latest findings below…

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For electric vehicles to continue gaining popularity, major manufacturers are shifting toward newer, better batteries. And that’s signaling an investment opportunity for us

How to Profit From Cannabis Fear and Fantasy
In an age of computer-driven trading, few strategies can hold up over decades. Yet one simple method has—and continues making money across several assets classes and industries

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The “zombie” trading strategy is one of the most profitable ways for ordinary investors to get rich from the stock market. That’s why we’re showing you how to follow it

Trump’s Right: China Is Ripping Off America
This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the market fall on trade war fears. So you should ignore the worrywarts trying to scare you out of the market again

The Right Way to Get More Bang for Your Buck
The average option trader loses money—and it’s because they use options the wrong way. Here’s how to not be one of them


Chaka Ferguson
Managing Editor, Palm Beach Daily

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