If you want to make life-changing gains in the market… you need to put a small portion of your safe income into alternative ideas.

It’s a mantra we’ve followed at PBRG since our founding nearly a decade ago.

That’s why we suggest you own assets like cryptos… pre-IPOS… collectibles… and psychedelic stocks.

Now, many people are uncomfortable investing in these ideas. In fact, some even called Daily editor Teeka Tiwari “crazy” for recommending cryptos in 2016.

But those who followed his “crazy” advice had the chance to see gains of up to 151,000%. That’s the power of alternative assets.

And Wall Street’s finally caught on…

According to a new survey of institutional investors by Fidelity Digital Assets, 70% say they expect to invest in crypto assets. Those surveyed include high-net worth investors… family offices… hedge funds… financial advisors… and endowments.

And earlier this week, Nasdaq partnered with big U.S. banks – including Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley – to spin out a platform that allows people to trade pre-IPOs.

These are big moves by some of Wall Street’s biggest players. And it proves that our alternative ideas aren’t so crazy after all.

Of course, these ideas are often volatile. But as Teeka says… volatility is the price you pay for the chance to make life-changing gains.

Fortunately, we’re still early in these trends… So you can still position yourself ahead of the mass adoption to come.

And if you’re looking for a place to start, you can catch up on our latest “crazy” ideas below…


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Chaka Ferguson
Editorial Director, Palm Beach Daily

P.S. While “crazy” ideas like bitcoin quickly become the new norm, there’s an even bigger revolution that’s reshaping crypto – and our entire financial system – for the better.

Teeka calls it his “No. 1 Investment of the Decade,” and he’s revealed all the details in an exclusive interview…

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