Today, I want you to try a thought experiment…

Let’s say you own a business… And your business model depends on people keeping their money under your management.

Simply by holding their money, you’d generate commissions and fees.

Now, wouldn’t it benefit you to do everything within your power to convince people to keep their money with you for as long as possible?

It makes perfect sense, right?

Now, what if I told you the amount of money you’d hold “under your management” would generate $457 billion in fees.

You’d never give up a gig that good.

Here’s why I’m asking you to conduct this thought experiment…

In yesterday’s Daily, I explained how the government has created a $5o trillion wealth gap between the richest Americans and the middle class and the poor. (You can catch up right here.)

Today, I’ll show you why Wall Street will never let you close this gap.

Wall Street’s Great Lie

Friends, I want you to forget the limitations Wall Street has conditioned you to believe about investing. Because it’s all been done to serve their interest.

I’m going to show you how they really make their money.

And when I reveal how this works… It will blow your mind. It will also make you angry.

Wall Street has made you a simple promise: Give them your money… Let them invest it in stocks, bonds, and index funds… And be patient.

Over time, the money they invest will help fund your retirement.

Now, let’s scrutinize that promise they made to you.

Over the past 10 years, the S&P 500 is up 168%.

That sounds pretty good, right? You’ve almost tripled your money. Many people will be satisfied with that.

But using just one secret, Wall Street could have made the same 168% gain in just 24 days.

Think about that. You have to wait a decade. Yet for Wall Street, it takes just three weeks.

If we could hit our financial goals so fast, we wouldn’t need Wall Street.

So why won’t they reveal this secret to you?

Because the longer they hold your money… The more fees they can keep siphoning off the top.

I worked on Wall Street for 15 years. And I can tell you for certain, fees are its lifeblood. The amount of money they make from fees is insane.

According to our research, Wall Street firms make at least $457 billion a year in fees.

I’m talking about performance fees… incentive fees… fees you don’t even know about.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Just look at these recent press clips.

  • MarketWatch: “The hedge fund industry has kept 64 cents of every dollar of gross profits that it has generated.”

  • National Bureau of Economic Research: “Hedge fund fees consume 64% of the gross returns on investors’ capital.”

  • USA Today: “Hedge funds have unfairly made money off retail investors for years.”

Friends, it’s shameful. For every $1 in profit they make by investing your money, they keep 64 cents.

That’s why it’s in Wall Street’s best interest to keep you running on the hamster wheel as long as possible.

Just think about how much money they’d lose if people were able to get financially free faster.

Do the math. At $457 billion a year, that’s $4.5 trillion worth of fees over a 10-year period.

This is the reason why they’re not going to tell you how to make 10 years’ worth of stock market gains in 24 days.

They have a $457 billion incentive not to tell you.

Instead, they want you to be grateful. “Keep your money with us. Pay us our fees. And just shut up.”

But there’s a technique Wall Street uses that has been around for years that can claw back decades’ worth of stock market gains in days.

Yet I bet your broker has never told you about them.

A $457 Billion Conflict of Interest

Friends, no matter how much you put away in your 401(k) and other retirement accounts, Wall Street will never let you close the wealth gap.

It’s all part of their great retirement lie that has you shoveling hundreds of thousands of your hard-earned dollars into their expensive financial products.

They tell you, “Keep your money invested with us for 30–40 years, and someday you’ll get financial freedom.”

Here’s the truth: They don’t want you to be financially independent.

They want to hold onto your money for as long as possible so they can milk fees out of you for the next 20–50 years.

It’s an amazing deal for them and a lousy one for you.

That’s why I’ve been looking for a way to help you buy back your life.

Every so often a rare “Anomaly Window” opens up that allows investors the ability to bring forward 20 years or more of stock market gains.

That’s why tomorrow, September 28, at 11 a.m. ET, I’m hosting a special event called RACE AGAINST the CLOCK: Recapture Up to 42 Years of Wealth in the Next 90 Days.

During this briefing, I’ll share details about a specific strategy that gives you the chance to see decades’ worth of average S&P 500 gains in days.

This strategy is so effective, I’ve used it for over 11 years with a 96% win-rate.

Yet, according to a CNBC report, less than 1% of regular Americans are taking advantage of it.

I know you’re asking, “If this strategy is so effective, why have I never heard of it before?”

As I mentioned above, Wall Street has 457 billion reasons not to tell you.

It’s that simple.

Friends, we’re in a race against time. The gap between the wealthy and middle and lower classes is only going to get larger over time.

If you want to reach your retirement goals, you’ve got to find a way to maximize your earning potential and minimize risk.

The strategy I’ll reveal to you tomorrow, September 28, at 11 a.m. ET will help you do that.

So make sure you sign up here. And let me show you how you can beat the clock and potentially recapture decades’ worth of stock market gains in just days.

Let the Game Come to You!

Big T