How would you like to put $1,750 in your pocket… for helping your grandchild get a job?

Palm Beach Research Group is always looking for smart, motivated, talented people to join our cause.

But we know many of our readers are retired, so work might not be on their radar. Their children and grandchildren, on the other hand…

Tom recently had an idea: To help us find top talent, we’ll pay a referral fee to anyone who introduces us to a future hire.

(Disclaimer: We’ll need to wait until six months after the new hire’s start date before paying out the referral check; we need this time to ensure the person’s the right long-term fit for the job.)

We’ll reward you for introducing us to our new, star employee by writing you a check for 5% of her first-year salary. So, for instance, if we hire your granddaughter and pay her $35,000 per year, we’ll write you a check for $1,750.

Of course, if you’re personally excited about the prospect of working with us, we want to hear from you, too! (Though you can’t refer yourself…)

Either way, click here for a description of what it’s like to work at PBRG, a list of job openings, and instructions on how to apply.