From Grant Wasylik, chief analyst, The Palm Beach Letter: One of our Performance Portfolio holdings just announced another big “special” holiday dividend.

Regular Palm Beach Letter (PBL) subscribers know we’ve stressed our “Special Dividend” theme for the last year. Special dividends—discretionary dividend payouts beyond the regular dividend payment schedule—are a way for us to collect “stealth” income. You see, popular financial websites like CNBC, MarketWatch, and Yahoo Finance don’t report special dividends on their main “quote” pages. That means the stated yields they report for these companies are far less than what shareholders receive.

We do hundreds of hours of research to uncover these consistent special-dividend payers. Most investors have no idea how to find these juicy dividends. And that gives PBL subscribers near-exclusive access to these secret yields of 5-10%.

This year, we’ve collected six special dividends. We have another three “extra” payments coming this month to close out 2014. And to celebrate 2015’s arrival, our latest special-dividend declaration is payable at the end of January.

On December 9, this company’s board announced a special dividend of $2.77 per share (payable on January 27). This special dividend yields an instant 5.5% based on the stock’s current price. But the company didn’t quit there…

The board also raised its quarterly dividend from $0.22 to $0.23—a 4.5% bump. This dividend is payable—along with the $2.77 special dividend—on January 27. In total, shareholders will receive a one-day, $3-per-share dividend. That’s a combined yield of 6%.

As I said, the average investor only sees this stock’s “stated yield.” Yahoo Finance reports this company’s dividend yield is just 1.8%. Its true yield—a 7.7% average over the last five years—has been camouflaged. Ordinary investors are missing out on over 75% of the stock’s total yield.

If you read our original recommendation in December 2013, you shouldn’t be surprised. We told you that this company regularly rewards its investors with holiday cash. Including the upcoming 2015 special dividend payment, it will have paid special dividends seven of the last eight years.

You can still buy this pick today and collect its special dividend payment. But you’d better hustle… you must own it before January 13. PBL subscribers should check the December 2013 issue to make sure it’s in your portfolio.