Elon Musk must be smiling from ear to ear…

On Monday, Morgan Stanley said Tesla should be worth $600 billion more than it already is.

It’s not because the Cybertruck is nearing its launch.

And it’s not because Tesla is on track to sell 1.8 million cars this year – seven times the volume from five years ago.

It’s down to Tesla’s new artificial intelligence (AI) supercomputer – Dojo.

It cost roughly $1 billion to build. And it will process millions of terabytes of video captured from the roughly 4 million Teslas on the road.

This will help Musk improve the company’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) advanced driver-assistance system.

And it led Morgan Stanley to raise its price target on Tesla to $400.

That’s a 60% jump from where its shares were trading just before the news.

Think about how nuts that is…

The $600 billion Dojo will add to Tesla’s market value is enough to buy these well-known companies a multitude of times: Walmart (WMT) 1.35 times, Target (TGT) 10.5 times, Ford (F) 11.8 times, and General Motors (GM) 12.8 times.

It’s another signal that the AI boom I’ve been telling you about is going to be bigger than most folks think.

But as I’ve been hammering on all week – if you follow the crowd and just buy Nvidia, Microsoft, Google, or the other mega-cap AI stocks… You may make some double-digit returns.

But you’re going to miss out on a rare opportunity to make gains of 1,000% and up on dozens of AI “micro-caps” that have most of their growth still ahead of them.

It’s what I call the “Nvidia Effect”…

1,200% on This Tiny Tesla Supplier

A version of this effect plays out in every major tech boom.

A few giant stocks attract most of the attention… and investor money.

Then you get a much bigger rally in a handful of tiny stocks that are critical suppliers of these giant companies.

That’s what happened in 2021.

On July 16, 2021 – six months after Tesla shares reached an all-time high – a tiny semiconductor testing company called Aehr Test Systems announced on its earnings call that it had landed a “major Fortune 500” customer.

The CEO went on to mention Tesla 11 times on the call.

Shares in Aehr jumped 22% overnight on the news. And that was only the beginning.

Shortly after, Tesla chose Aehr as its main partner.

If you’d invested within a month of the news, you’d have had the chance to earn as much as 1,211%. That turns every $10,000 investment into $131,100.

If you’d bought Tesla shares during that same time, you’d be about flat.

Below is a chart showing the difference in returns since July 2021.


That’s the kind of opportunity we have ahead of us now in the suppliers and testing companies that support Nvidia’s AI chips.

But these opportunities don’t last long.

If you’d waited a few weeks to buy the tiny Tesla supplier, your gains would’ve been cut in half… or more.

Let the Nvidia Effect Make You Rich

This opportunity is so massive… and so urgent… I’ve put together a strategy session all about it.

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I’ll show you the full potential of the Nvidia Effect and how you can profit from it in your portfolio.

I’ll also share details of one tiny Nvidia supplier I have my eye on right now. This tiny company is just a fraction of the size of Nvidia, and that means the upside is much higher – potentially 10x… or even 20x returns.

So, mark your calendar. This will be my first major event for you. And I couldn’t be more excited about the fortune-making potential of this strategy.

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Colin Tedards
Editor, The Bleeding Edge