Coffee behemoth Starbucks will now pay for most of its employees’ college educations…

CNNMoney reports the only requirement is you must not already have a degree.

About 70% of Starbucks’ workers do not have a college diploma… meaning about 140,000 people are eligible for a “free ride.” You don’t even need to work full time.

Starbucks will cover four years’ worth of undergraduate courses from Arizona State University’s online bachelor’s degree program (about $60,000 total). There’s no obligation to stay with the company after you graduate, either.

All Starbucks workers also receive benefits like medical insurance and an employer-matching 401(k) plan.

So you can earn money… avoid Obamacare penalties… save for retirement… build valuable skills and experience as an employee… and get a four-year college degree, for free. To learn more, click here.