Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare”) enrollment is hitting a wall… long before the program becomes sustainable.

Investors’ Business Daily reports the Obama administration expected 1.2 million additional program enrollees to have joined by the end of April… but so far, only 36,000 have signed up.

The health care exchanges need 75% participation in their respective marketplaces to function… but most states are sputtering at around 40%.

According to Avalere Health, most of the poorest Americans have joined (76% percent of Americans earning between 100% and 150% of the federal poverty line).

[2014’s federal poverty line, or FPL, is $23,850 for a family of four.]

But at 150-200% of the FPL, the number drops to just 40% of potential enrollees.

Here’s why they’re not signing up…

According to industry analyst Robert Laszewski, a family at 253% of the FPL would receive $3,534 in federal insurance subsidies this year. But they’d still owe $4,934 in premiums for Obamacare’s “Silver Plan.” That’s on top of the plan’s $2,700 deductible.

It’s cheaper for the family to just pay the $975 penalty for going uninsured. (By law, they can still go to a hospital emergency room and receive treatment, regardless of their ability to pay.)

  The news won’t shock regular Daily readers. Last year, we shared the data of nonpartisan insurance researcher HealthPocket. The organization determined Obamacare increased rates by as much as 78% in certain sections of the population.

Yale professor Amanda Kowalski also determined Obamacare caused health care premiums to rise in all but six states.

Bottom line: Obamacare appears to be its own worst enemy. The system may never become sustainable.

If you’re looking for an alternative solution to a world of unrelenting medical cost increases, you’re in luck. Bob Irish, editor of Retirement Insider, just put the final touches on his groundbreaking special health report.

It covers the new “golden age” of American medicine. That’s right… the system may be sinking, but there are “life boats” available to those who know where to look. These options provide cheaper costs… better care… and tax breaks most people do not know exist.

Stand by for Bob’s special report, coming soon…

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