Last week, I attended the first-ever Legacy Investment Summit in Bermuda. More than a dozen of the brightest minds from the financial publishing world presented there. And I had a front-row seat…

We shared insights from two of those outstanding presentations, including how to take advantage of the current market volatility and where to look for great stocks. That and more below…

Teeka Tiwari on Why Investors Should Avoid This American Icon
On October 1, General Electric ousted its CEO in a surprise move. Despite the bad news, shares jumped 12%. To some investors, GE might look like a bargain right now. But they could be walking into a value trap. Here’s where to look instead

This Company “Wrecked” His Hedge Fund
Following the smart money usually leads to profitable opportunities. But sometimes, smart money can be dumb. And learning from its mistakes can be just as enlightening

Don’t Let These Three “Pricks” Take Your Money
The market is experiencing plenty of volatility this month. Here’s how you can turn it to your advantage

What Investors Can Learn From Michael Jordan and Wayne Gretzky
Just like with great athletes, anyone can identify great stocks after they’ve risen to the top. To make money, though, you need to find them before they become big winners

These Two Forces Will Push Cryptos Higher
Cryptocurrencies and their underlying blockchain technology are leading to a “digital transformation” of society. And that means we’ll see their value explode


Nick Rokke
Analyst, The Palm Beach Daily

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November 14, 2018: The most important day in American history?
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