Over the last year, it seems like everyone has written crypto off… And I can’t blame them.

With the big bankruptcies… The collapse of centralized exchanges like FTX, Celsius, and BlockFi… And article after article declaring crypto is “dead”…

I understand why people believe this is the end of crypto.

But today, I’m here to tell you this is NOT the end of crypto…

Instead, what we have in front of us is a historic opportunity…

Because right now, the potential rewards of crypto – as compared to risk – are so out of whack.

It reminds me of 2016…

That was after the huge crypto exchange Mt. Gox got hacked.

Seventy to 80 percent of ALL bitcoin was traded through this exchange.

And it blew up.

People got locked out of their crypto. Some investors are still trying to recover bitcoin from Mt. Gox almost 10 years later.

After that happened, many people expected bitcoin to go to zero. And I couldn’t blame them…

When the main crypto exchange goes under… you can understand why some people thought bitcoin would lose all its value.

But it didn’t.

That’s when I knew crypto was real and here to stay.

So in 2016, I recommended bitcoin at $428… It went up to $20,000.

I also recommended Ethereum at $9. And it went up to $1,400 in under two years.

That’s enough to turn $1,000 into $155,000.

I saw a similar opportunity in 2018…

Back then, bitcoin’s price dropped 84%. And the media was littered with so-called “bitcoin obituaries.”

On average, we saw a new story declaring “bitcoin’s death” once every 4 days. JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon even called bitcoin a “fraud.”

But behind closed doors, his firm was secretly laying the groundwork to get into crypto in a big way.

In fact, back in 2018, I was interviewed by Glenn Beck.

Nearly 5 million viewers tuned in. And I exposed a bunch of hypocrisy like this.

Some big players were saying one thing about crypto in public… But privately, they were doing the complete opposite.

In that interview, I predicted bitcoin would go to $40,000… back when it was trading a hair north of $7,000.

Again, people thought I was nuts…

But 2018 was such a rare and historic buying opportunity… I had to act.

I released a new initiative with a new list of crypto buys. And two days later, the market bottomed.

That market timing was a real gift to my subscribers. Getting in at the bottom was game-changing for them.

By the time the next bull run was over, bitcoin had peaked near $70,000 and Ethereum over $4,600.

That’s the unique power of buying near the bottom of a Crypto Winter.

There’s nothing else like it. And that’s why I’m coming to you today…

Institutions Still Running Into Crypto

The market now views crypto as a building burning to the ground. So sentiment is incredibly bearish.

But is everyone really rushing to the exits?

If that were the case, there’s no way we’d continue to see record institutional capital flow into this space…

Since December, we’ve seen three more major players enter crypto:

  • Crypto Coffee Rewards

Last month, Starbucks launched a non-fungible token (NFT) loyalty rewards program called Odyssey.

(NFTs are unique tokens linked to digital or physical assets. They offer a global way to verify the ownership of assets openly and transparently.)

This NFT rewards program runs on the Polygon Network, a project that aims to help scale the Ethereum network.

Starbucks has been testing its program since December… and while it hasn’t released exact numbers, the company said demand for the program has been “unprecedented.”

This is huge news for crypto.

Starbucks has over 35,000 franchises worldwide… generates $32 billion in sales… and serves about 60 million customers every week.

If just a handful of those customers start using NFT loyalty rewards, we’ll see a surge in adoption.

  • The King of Credit Cards

Next up is Visa.

Last month, the company announced it’s exploring blockchain tech to process recurring payments using smart contracts on the Ethereum network.

This is something I’ve been predicting for years because the blockchain improves efficiency… reduces costs… and increases security.

Visa is the king of credit card networks, with over $2 trillion in transactions alone in 2021.

So if just a fraction of those transactions move to Ethereum, it will be incredibly bullish for the ETH token and its entire ecosystem.

  • Art, Credit, and Crypto

And finally, there’s Mastercard.

It announced a new Artist Accelerator platform that will allow musicians to grow their brand and increase fan engagement in the Web3 space.

For many, Web3 may still sound like some futuristic idea. But it’s simply the evolution of the internet.

Web1 was the early internet until about 2000. You could use it to read websites… search for information… and buy items on websites.

Web2 is the version you’re using now, which handles things like mobile computing, social networks, and multiplayer games.

With Web3, you won’t just be able to send data to other people… but also anything of value, too. All with the click of a mouse and without needing a third party.

That’s the future Mastercard is moving toward.

Mastercard is the second-largest credit card network, with over $1 trillion in transactions in 2021.

Artist Accelerator will launch via a partnership with Polygon. And if just a tiny fraction of Mastercard’s business flows to Polygon, we could see its token price skyrocket.

Again, these are just the developments we’ve seen since December. And in my view, they prove that crypto isn’t a burning building.

It’s quite the opposite… The building is expanding.

As I wrote in November, we’ve seen financial giants like BlackRock, Fidelity, BNY Mellon, and JPMorgan Chase enter crypto in a major way.

We’ve also seen Instagram – the social media platform with 2.3 billion users – announce its own NFT platform.

And the craziest thing about it is: These companies’ customers won’t even know they’re using blockchain technology.

Customers don’t care how the tech works. They just want better products that cost less. That’s what blockchain will offer.

So the crypto adoption story I first laid out to you in 2016 is unfolding exactly as I predicted.

Don’t Turn Your Back on Crypto

Friends, right now, the opportunity in front of us is on the scale of 2016 and late 2018. But if you turn your back on this opportunity, I believe you’ll make a huge mistake.

A mistake you’ll live to regret.

Because you’re turning your back on not only a phenomenal buying opportunity… but what I believe will be the FINAL Crypto Winter bear market we’ll ever see.

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Big T