How to profit from the Internet of Things (IoT)

How to profit from the internet of thingsFrom Marvin Schulz, staff writer, Palm Beach Research Group: You’ve probably heard about the Internet of Things (IoT).

These days, the media bombards the general public with information about the IoT mega trend. However, most coverage only scratches the surface of the techonology, which is expected to boom into a trillion-dollar industry within five years.

Below, I’ll dig deeper. You’ll learn how to cut your own slice of the trillion-dollar pie… and avoid being left behind with crumbs after bankers and investors feast.

In short, I’ll show you how to profit from the Internet of Things.

But first, let’s define this amazing technology.

What is the Internet of Things?

Internet was once limited to stationary devices.

I still remember the alien-like static noises of dial-up Internet on our Windows machine. Data was received over the phone line. Loading a simple webpage stretched beyond the length of an extended coffee break.

Then, the Internet went mobile.

With wireless technology kicking into gear, users unplugged their machines from their landlines. Laptops skyrocketed in popularity. Wi-Fi hotspots sprung up like weeds. The Internet could be enjoyed anywhere, but it was still limited to computers…

Next, smartphones hit the market, converting almost every mobile-phone user into a touchscreen-swiping fiend. It allowed users to have at least two Internet-connected devices.

The need for synchronization was born. We needed the ability to access all our data on every device.

Digital “Clouds” came into play, storing pictures, movies, documents, and music in one central storing location—accessible on all Internet-connected devices. Cars were equipped with wireless Internet which connected them to music libraries and email accounts.

But the Internet was still limited to computer-based systems.

That’s going to change. In fact, the change is happening as you read this.

The next logical progression? The integration of everyday objects.

The carton of milk in your fridge, your button-down shirt, your kid’s favorite teddy, and your wife’s high heels will soon “speak” to each other.

That’s the Internet of Things.

Data will be collected at the speed of light, improving products’ usefulness and helping you track your personal performance in everyday activities, like sports games or your job.

Expired items from your fridge will pop up on your phone. Shopping lists will communicate with the supermarket’s shelves to find you the best prices.

Your house will turn into a smart home. It’ll know when to close the blinds, water the plants, turn off the lights, and heat the living room.

And that’s just at the micro level…

how to profit from the internet of things

On a broader scale, cities will get smarter. Energy allocation will become more efficient. Rush-hour traffic will be regulated, giving you real-time occupancy rates of all roads. Tap water will flow to places where it’s needed most and saved in areas where it’s not.

The question isn’t if the IoT is going to revolutionize human life… there’s zero doubt of that. 

The question is if you’re ready for the revolution it’s going to bring within the next five years.

Here’s how you can profit from the Internet of Things…

How to profit from the Internet of Things

Have you ever hoped to catch the wave of a huge trend right at the beginning and ride it ashore for tremendous profits? I know I have—a couple of times.

With experts estimating 50 billion smart objects will be connected through the Internet of Things by 2020, it’s obvious there are huge profits to be made. And right now, the wave is just forming. It’s waiting to be spotted by those who know where to look.

There’s one person who can teach you exactly that.

Teeka Tiwari—former hedge fund manager, Shearson Lehman’s youngest vice president in history, and editor of Mega Trends Investing—has researched the IoT in-depth for the past years. (For those who aren’t familiar, Mega Trends Investing is a financial newsletter focused on alerting readers to the latest market trends.)

Teeka’s stitched together his findings in a one-of-a-kind, action-packed bundle on how to profit from the Internet of Things. It’s called the Internet of Things Wealth Blueprint.

The blueprint contains three easy-to read, actionable reports revealing six strategies to rake in “exponential gains on the stock market.” You can claim your FREE copy of the blueprint today, right here.

In it, you’ll find the names of the companies that own important patents and contracts related to the Internet of Things.

If you want to learn how to profit from the Internet of Things, this blueprint is your roadmap to riches.

Recap: The Internet of Things

The next revolution in communication is coming… right now. It’s the seamless integration of normal, everyday objects and the Internet.

The IoT will collect and share data in real time, turning the world into one smart grid. It’ll lead to better resource allocation, more efficient use of roads, and more effective crime fighting.

Even your dog’s collar will communicate with his feeding dish.

The Internet of Things will be huge. It may be the biggest technological breakthrough the world has ever seen.

There’s money to be made in this trend, and the time to get in is right now.

To learn exactly where to look… to discover which stocks to buy… to gain a bulletproof understanding of the Internet of Things… click here.

P.S. As with all trends, the people who get in first will get the biggest piece of the pie. Don’t be too late.

P.P.S. Remember, the Internet of Things Wealth Blueprint is yours FREE. There’s zero risk… and potential for a tremendous upside. Get the details right here.

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