We don’t want to come off as macabre.

But a recent survey piqued our morbid curiosity…

According to career advice firm Zety, 40% of Americans fear retirement more than death. For respondents under the age of 39, that number leapt to 52%.

The main culprit behind this disturbing survey: the erosion of purchasing power.

From Zety:

It’s well documented that wages have stagnated in recent decades and that youth unemployment remains stubbornly high. So for younger people already facing economic uncertainty, it’s no wonder that they have magnified fears about retirement.

And though retirement is a significant fear for them, many younger people don’t even think it’ll happen. They’re actually just as scared of not retiring at all.

If you’ve been following the Daily recently, you know we’ve been warning you about the collapse of the dollar’s purchasing power.

This survey confirms that.

But there’s a way to outpace the erosion of your buying power: bitcoin.

Daily editor Teeka Tiwari recently crunched the numbers:

Let’s say you have $1 million worth of investable capital. And in 10 years, inflation erodes the buying power of that capital to $500,000. In other words – all else remaining equal – prices would’ve doubled.

How do you protect against that?

Let’s say you take 5% of your $1 million in investable capital and buy $50,000 worth of BTC. If bitcoin goes up 14x from here, you’d be sitting on $700,000.

So just a 5% allocation to bitcoin alone could maintain most of your purchasing power even if you left the rest of your money in cash.

You can read Teeka’s full rundown right here.

But the bottom line is this: The Federal Reserve can print as many dollars as it likes. But the number of bitcoin will never exceed 21 million.

This preset scarcity (along with bitcoin’s security features) is why the crypto has wildly outpaced other investments over the past decade.

Smart people realize it’s one of the best ways to protect – and actually increase – their purchasing power in the face of rampant money printing and rising inflation.

If you want to join them, click here to let Teeka show you how.


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Chaka Ferguson
Editorial Director, Palm Beach Daily