Mainstream headlines are still spooking investors. But while volatility rages and others panic, we advocate smart asset allocation and investing strategies to grow and protect our wealth… regardless of market swings.

That’s why we’re always ready to strike on the best money-making opportunities—including cannabis legalization. In fact, Daily editor Teeka Tiwari believes it’ll unlock $340 billion in capital previously prevented from flowing into the space.

So be sure to check out Teeka’s essays on the cannabis megatrend—and gold’s rally—along with all of our other research this week…

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The One Thing Bernie Sanders Gets Right
Nearly all Democratic presidential candidates back a form of cannabis legalization or decriminalization. Even President Trump supports states’ rights to choose their own policies. And you can profit from this bipartisan sentiment

World War 5G
Early last year, the government “threatened” to build out its own national 5G network if wireless carriers couldn’t get it done. It was a smart move for our national security—and also hands investors an opportunity

Three Trades to Strike on While Others Panic
News of the yield curve inverting sent other investors running scared. But instead, we’re sharpening our knives and getting ready to pounce on these three trades at any moment


Chaka Ferguson
Managing Editor, Palm Beach Daily

P.S. As I mentioned, Teeka believes the floodgates on legal cannabis will be opened soon, unleashing a wave of money into the space. It’s an unstoppable trend. Plus, Teeka even traveled the globe to find one tiny, private cannabis company that’ll get a boost from the coming legalization “test run.”

You can get in it for just 50 cents a share today. And it’s expected to go public at $1 in the next few months. That’s as close to a guaranteed double as you can get. So let Teeka show you how to profit right here.