As the market surges higher, gold seems stuck in a rut… Meanwhile, we scoured the investment landscape this past week and shared a new way to generate income from the market.

You can use this technique to make money without owning stocks or cryptocurrencies—and it works regardless of market conditions.

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Teeka Tiwari on the Power of the Golden Ratio
In 2014, former hedge fund manager Teeka Tiwari predicted that we’d see a secular bull market that could run another decade. Today, his call looks more prescient than ever

John Stossel on Why the Media Are 90% Liberal
We usually ignore the mainstream media because they either miss the big picture or sensationalize stories with fear-mongering headlines. But why do the media seem to dislike free-market ideas so much?

My Wife Is a Murderer
My lovely wife started out this year thinking she could finally keep an orchid happy and alive in our home… just like I started the year thinking gold stocks would rally

How to Make Cash From Cryptos
Most people don’t know this, but there’s a way you can make immediate “cash from cryptos” without buying digital currencies themselves. Whether you’re a crypto enthusiast or skeptic, this system will work for you

Five Trades to Turn the Market’s Next Crash Into Cash
There’s a lucrative niche in the market that allows you to generate thick streams of income whether we’re in a bull or bear market. Here are five trades you can make to take advantage of it


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Analyst, The Palm Beach Daily

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Strange new ATMs popping up across America
Urgent Warning for anyone living in Texas, Kansas, New York, Wyoming, California, New Hampshire, Illinois, Georgia, Arizona, Colorado, Tennessee, Nevada, or Montana:

A strange new money may be coming to your state. Hundreds of strange new ATMs are popping up from the private sector. And Teeka Tiwari, America’s #1 currency expert, says this may lead 13 U.S. states to move towards issuing new “state money.” Will you be affected? And what does it mean for your savings in American dollars?

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This Weird New Tech Is Disrupting The $7.8 Trillion Finance Industry
He picked the #1 stock on the S&P 500 11 months in advance and saw a 1,000% return. Now he says this will be the #1 tech play of 2018… and Silicon Valley insiders are already investing millions in it… Click here for the full story

China to CEO of World’s #1 Electric Car Company: You Lose.
In the race to make electric cars cheaper than gas and diesel vehicles, the winner was always thought to be the #1 U.S. electric car company.

But what China will do any day now could catapult it to the #1 spot… and solidify its position as the world leader.

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