Up more than 37% since the beginning of the year, the energy sector has outperformed nearly every corner of the market in 2022…

And with no clear end to the conflict in Ukraine, it’s likely that energy investments will continue to rise along with their underlying commodities… like oil and natural gas.

But unless you’re the CEO of a company like Chevron or ConocoPhillips (up 42% and 39% year to date, respectively) you’re probably not ready to pop the champagne.

Prices at the pump are about $4.14 nationally, just shy of the $4.43 all-time high set last month. And if you’re living in a colder region of the country, you’ve probably seen higher-than-usual natural gas bills.

(One of our editors in Baltimore was billed over $900 just to heat their three-unit rowhouse in February.)

Fortunately, there are companies stepping up with solutions…

Daily editor Teeka Tiwari recently found a private energy company that’s set to benefit from the energy sector tailwind.

And its “no drill, no fracking” oil-production technology is so innovative, Wall Street powerhouse JPMorgan signed a check to be its largest shareholder.

To learn how to get into this private deal for a small $500 investment (about $1.25 a share)… on the same terms as JPMorgan… click here.

The current energy boom still has some room to run… but once the mainstream catches on to this company’s potential, the biggest gains will be off the table.


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Chaka Ferguson
Editorial Director, Palm Beach Daily