It was the most anticipated initial public offering (IPO) of the 2010s…

I’m sure many mom-and-pop investors imagined they’d fund their retirements when the company went public.

After all, they’d seen blockbuster IPO returns like this:

  • eBay up 163% in September 1998

  • Twitter up 73% in November 2013

  • Snapchat up 44% in March 2017

Instead, the IPO was a massive flop. Retail investors who bet big on this company becoming the next big thing are down 24% since May 2019.

So what am I talking about?

Ride-sharing company Uber.

You see, massive hype propelled Uber’s valuation to as high as $120 billion. But when it debuted on the NYSE on May 10, 2019, investors were in for a rude awakening… Shares dropped 7% off the bat.

Anyone who bought Uber on IPO day is sitting on 24% losses now. Meanwhile, the S&P 500 is up 14% since then.

Uber was a colossal bomb. And it just may go down as the worst-ever IPO in history.

Yet, here’s Wall Street’s dirty little secret: Although the market has slashed Uber’s market cap in half since May… its early investors made a killing.

For instance, Silicon Valley firm Benchmark got pre-IPO shares for 7 cents. So when Uber went public at $45, it made a gain of 64,200% – in one day. That’s enough to turn $250 into about $161,000.

Now, I’m not here to tell you whether or not Uber is a good buy right now. And I don’t know if it’ll become a success story or go belly-up.

What I do want to show you is how insiders got filthy rich off the Uber IPO – and how you can do the same with future IPOs…

Don’t Settle for Table Scraps

This may make you feel a bit uncomfortable. In fact, you may be downright angry with me for telling you this.

But even if you’d bought a successful IPO like eBay, you’d only be getting Wall Street’s table scraps.

You see, Wall Street has duped Main Street out of millions by this trick – without you even realizing it.

Just look at eBay’s IPO…

Main Street investors saw a 163% gain on IPO day, when eBay hit $47. Yet insiders like Benchmark got pre-IPO shares for only 11 cents. That means these pre-IPO investors saw a 42,627% gain in just one day.

That’s the difference between turning $1,000 into $2,630 and $1,000 into $427,270.

And the list goes on and on…

Main Street investors made 31% when Amazon went public. But private investors walked away with 9,165%. Same with Google: an 18% gain for Main Street versus a 1,500,000% gain for private investors.

Friends, Wall Street has conditioned you to think making a double or triple in a day is a lot. It isn’t.

They’re crumbs insiders throw your way so they can offload their stock with a 42,627% gain onto you – and have you feeling like you got a great deal.

And I just don’t think it’s fair.

That’s why I’m exposing Wall Street’s dirty secrets. So you can use that information to turn the tables in your favor…

How to Find Your Own Private Companies

In the past, mom-and-pop investors couldn’t get private shares in Uber, eBay, or Google, even if they wanted to. You had to be a millionaire or insider.

But new rules from the Securities and Exchange Commission now allow ordinary investors to invest in private companies before they go public.

They’re called Regulation A+ offerings. And they’re open to the general public – not just accredited investors. In some cases, you can buy into these private deals with minimums of $500 or $1,000.

Venture capital (VC) firms have used them for years to make 10, 100, and even 1,000 times their money.

Now, you can search for private deals yourself on crowdfunding platforms like SeedInvest and MicroVentures. They list dozens of startup companies raising money from the general public. In some cases, you can start with as little as $100.

But even with the new rules, VCs still jealously guard the best opportunities. They employ armies of analysts to hunt them down. And then, they fill up all the funding rounds so no one else can get in.

For ordinary investors, it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

That’s why I’ve been working my network of insiders for the past year – looking for the best private deals for 2020.

And that led me to my No. 1 wealth-building opportunity of the year. It’s the chance to get in on a pre-IPO deal with a billionaire before it lists on the Nasdaq. Plus, you can get in for just 50 cents per share.

If you really want to make money in the private markets, you have to be connected to insiders who know where the smart money is flowing.

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Let the Game Come to You!

Teeka Tiwari
Editor, Palm Beach Daily