This is the most urgent warning of my career.

A 44-day market-wide crash hangs over the horizon. It’s set to begin on April 24.

During this time, we could see hundreds of stocks crash across the market.

Last April, when this strange anomaly hit the market, 1,662 stocks began to crash in a nightmare that lasted 44 days.

I’m not talking about a couple percentage points either… Some dropped 39%, 47%, and even 58% in just a single day.

If all you’ve been doing is buying and holding stocks, there’s a good chance you’ve seen similar losses over the past year.

But you don’t need to suffer from the same mistakes this time around.

You see, leaving your money exposed in such a volatile market might delay your retirement, or at worst, it could completely wipe out your account.

That’s why I’ve been diligently working on a strategy to help protect folks just like you from the wild ride ahead… without leaving your portfolio open to market downturns.

It may just be the most reliable strategy of my career.

After all, my proprietary calendar can let me know ahead of time which stocks are predetermined to see big moves.

As a result, we can be in a better position to avoid massive losses… and collect consistent gains.

While testing my strategy, 19 out of 20 trades proved profitable. That’s a 95% win rate in one of the worst markets in history.

In fact, this strategy makes it possible to double your money in the stock market in less than an hour… instead of waiting months or even years to do so.

I was able to personally double my money in just 45 minutes.

So in the next 44 days, you have two choices:

Do nothing… And leave yourself vulnerable to another wipeout – which is the path most people will take, and ultimately regret it.

Or you can choose a different path…

If you follow the strategy I used to double my money in minutes, you could actually accelerate your retirement during the weeks ahead.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide how the next 44 days play out.

To prepare those who are ready… I’m hosting a special briefing on Monday, April 24.

It’s entirely free to sign up… And it could be the difference between another losing year or making up last year’s losses.

Best regards and good trading,

Jeff Clark
Editor, Jeff Clark Research