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List: The World’s Best Investment Books

From Dan Ferris, editor, Extreme Value: If you search “investing” in Amazon’s book department, you’ll get over 70,000 results. But, here’s what Amazon—and almost everyone else—won’t tell you about your search… Over 99% of the investing books out there aren’t worth the time it takes to read them. Some books are just magazine articles that […]

The Safest Places to Store Your Gold (Hint: Not a bank!)

Editor’s Note: Your editor is on a special assignment. So today, we bring you classic advice from Tom on how to safeguard your wealth. Regular Daily readers know PBRG recommends gold as a key part of everyone’s asset allocation mix. But we don’t always talk about the best ways to protect your gold… Tom does […]

Brain Health: 10 Steps to Optimum Memory

Only one-third of our brains’ abilities are genetic… 67% of our mental “destiny” is under our control… at any age. In the fascinating podcast below, PBRG friend James Altucher interviews Jim Kwik. Kwik suffered severe brain trauma as a child. His disabilities forced him to look at how humans learn in a different way. What […]

This handy new tool reveals 33% yields hiding in plain view…

Finding that “diamond in the rough” just got a lot easier… One PBRG researcher told me about the real estate investment tool YieldSpy. It loads Multiple Listing Service (MLS) data for available residential properties. Then, it cross-lists the data against the expected rental rates for the locations and types of properties. The result is a […]

How to Avoid a Surprise Attack Firing

From Mark Ford, editor, Creating Wealth: Getting fired is not fun. But getting fired when you think you are doing a good job—that really sucks. The purpose of today’s message is to alert you to an important danger: Someone at your business may be thinking of letting you go. In fact, it may be more […]

10 More Reasons You Need to Quit Your Job Right Now!

Editor’s Note: Back in March, we published an essay from our longtime friend, best-selling author, and “serial entrepreneur,” James Altucher. He spoke about the changing face of corporate America, and how it is time to get out. Today, James follows up with 10 more reasons you should quit your job, right now.   10 More Reasons […]