George Soros is making another multimillion-dollar currency bet… And you want to be on his side on this wager.

For those who don’t know him, Soros is legendary for “breaking” the Bank of England in 1992.

At the time, the U.K. was experiencing 15% inflation. The government tried to prop up the British pound’s value by pegging it to a rising German Deutschmark.

Soros took a $10 billion short position against the pound. The government capitulated… And Soros walked away with $1 billion from the trade.

This wasn’t the only time Soros made a profitable bet against a currency.

His hedge fund made large profits betting against the Thai baht in early 1997 before the Asian financial crisis. And more recently, he shorted the Japanese yen while betting on Japanese stocks for substantial profits.

That’s why we found his most recent currency bet pretty eye-opening…

According to Yahoo Finance, the billionaire’s most recent 13F filings show his fund invested nearly $100 million in MicroStrategy (MSTR). That makes MSTR roughly 1.6% of the fund’s portfolio holdings.

If you’re not familiar with MicroStrategy, its founder is bitcoin evangelist Michael Saylor.

In 2020, it became the first major company to buy bitcoin in bulk as part of its corporate treasury reserve strategy. Today, it’s the largest corporate holder of BTC reserves.

While MicroStrategy isn’t a direct investment in bitcoin… The company holds 152,800 BTC worth over $4 billion. So it’s a good proxy for the world’s largest crypto.

Now, the article doesn’t reveal why Soros is betting big on MicroStrategy. But methinks he’s backing up the truck and scooping up shares to take advantage of the recent pullback in bitcoin.

MTSR generally moves in tandem with BTC. And their prices are down 22% and 9%, respectively, since the beginning of the month.

So we wouldn’t be surprised if he’s taking advantage of the downturn before a crypto rally resumes in the second half of 2023.

Look, when the man who broke the Bank of England starts buying bitcoin’s proxy… It’s time to position yourself in crypto.

And according to Daily editor Teeka Tiwari, there’s a tiny subsector of the crypto market set to benefit from an influx of capital.

You see, the Federal Reserve recently launched a program that could lead to a mandatory recall on the U.S. dollar.

Teeka believes this program could replace the dollar with a new digital version that will be radically different from what you have in your bank account right now.

That’s why he put together a briefing to explain what this new digital dollar regime means for you and your money… including the name of a crypto project also set to profit from its rollout.

He’ll also show you the one move you must make when your bank tells you it’s moving all your cash into this new digital dollar. You can watch it for free right here.


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Chaka Ferguson
Editorial Director, Palm Beach Daily