It’s no secret that 2022 has been a tough year for the markets…

April was the worst month for the S&P 500 since the pandemic began… Bitcoin had its biggest drop in nearly a year… and global inflation is projected to hit 7.4% this year – a 40-year record high.

But while it may seem like there’s little opportunity in the market… and that pulling your money is the safest bet… that’s anything but true.

Because across the globe, transformational opportunities are opening in crypto.

For example, France just granted regulatory approval to Binance, one of the leading crypto exchange platforms. This is on top of the U.K.’s plan to start regulating stablecoins as payment.

Meanwhile, California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed an executive order to develop regulatory protections for crypto… and integrate blockchain solutions into state operations.

It’s all evidence that crypto is entering the mainstream – and here to stay.

We know crypto volatility is scary. But that’s the nature of early-stage technologies. And it’s the price you pay for life-changing gains.

If it’s right for you, consider using these pullbacks to judiciously add to your portfolio. And if you’re new to crypto, use this opportunity to position yourself at a discount.

As more local and national governments acknowledge crypto’s potential, it’s only a matter of time before the masses awaken to what we’ve been telling you for years…


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Chaka Ferguson
Editorial Director, Palm Beach Daily

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