The war drums are beating again…

Fox News reports Russian fighter jets intercepted a U.S. reconnaissance plane operating over the Baltic Sea last week. (The Pentagon says the Russian interceptor got within 20 feet of the American plane.)

It didn’t take long for the media spin machine to kick into high gear.

A “Russian Aggression” headline popped up on the side of the screen as the “talking head” spoke. Then she made note of Russian bombers flying off the British coast… and Russia’s recent sale of surface-to-air missiles to Iran.

Don’t let this distract you from the real conflict.

Yes, Russia has been flexing its military muscle since its conflict with Ukraine began. It’s a natural reaction to the West’s punitive sanctions on the country. But these military incidents are nothing more than a play for domestic political support—on both sides.

External military conflict always drives populaces to “rally round the flag.” And the media are happy to use it to sell newspapers. But what most people don’t realize is…

  The real Russian war has already begun.

It’s an economic war. It’s not fought with bullets. This war is waged with currencies, gold, and natural resources—oil and natural gas.

Russia supplies 40% of Europe’s natural gas. It’s a powerful trump card for President Vladimir Putin. If the West pushes him too far, he shuts off the gas. It’s like being in an angry dispute with your utility company… you don’t really have anywhere else to turn to keep the lights on.

Teeka Tiwari, editor of Mega Trends Investing, believes the U.S. has launched its latest counterattack against Putin in this “New Cold War.” And it has major investment implications…

It’s a legal change that will allow the U.S. to export massive amounts of liquid natural gas (LNG) to Europe. This will break Russia’s stranglehold on Europe’s energy needs… and slash Putin’s leverage on the geopolitical stage.