As the holidays roll in, hospitals are over capacity. As the market dipped this week, vaccine deliberations ensued. Americans’ health and wellbeing are at stake as the pandemic continues to disrupt our lives. That’s why we have to do all we can to stay safe and secure.

This week, we’ve explored new ways to do just that…

There are market niches that are just waiting to take off. But these trends won’t just deliver you outsized gains – they also combat some of the health crises we’re seeing today. From novel drugs to treat stress and depression to preventative precision medicine, these opportunities could potentially change our lives for the better.

Read on to learn more…


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If you really want to be a successful investor, you can’t care what other people think… And this idea may be as controversial – and profitable – as bitcoin was in 2016


Why You Don’t Need to Bet Big to Win Big in Crypto
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The Tech Revolutionizing Health Care
This precision medicine trend will completely transform our health care system… And it’s imperative you get in before this new future begins.


This Trend Will Spark the Next Big IPO Boom
You can’t read through the day’s financial news without hearing about them, and we expect even more activity in these investments in 2021


We Just Entered the Stock Market’s “Bonus Level”
We’re in a new, perilous market phase… one where trying to time the market could cost you double-digit gains



Chaka Ferguson
Managing Editor, Palm Beach Daily

P.S. As I mentioned earlier, precision medicine is combatting some of today’s most serious health crises… And PBRG friend and colleague Jeff Brown says when one small-cap biotech in this space reports to the FDA in the coming months, 1,000%-plus gains could be up for grabs.

On Wednesday, Jeff held a special broadcast about biotech and this incredible medical breakthrough. More than 33,000 people attended.

You can watch the replay here. But act fast. It won’t be online for much longer.