Legal marijuana and cryptocurrencies dominated the headlines last year… and they continue to be two of the hottest markets on the planet. But don’t sleep on equities… One important indicator says the current bull market will kick into overdrive in 2018. And that’s bullish for certain sectors (including one getting a boost from President Trump’s latest controversial policy). Read on below…

The War on Some Drugs
Drug addicts have a problem; drug “warriors” have a much more serious problem

Here’s How We Sell for Profit During Crypto Mania
We’re taking full advantage of the massive bubble that’s emerging in cryptocurrencies. But we’re not going to be like the folks in the dot-com bubble or the housing bubble who rode manias all the way up and then rode them all the way down like lemmings. Instead, we’ll scoop profits all along the way

The “January Effect” Predicts These Five Sectors Will Rise In 2018
The First Five Days Indicator tracks the first five trading days of the year for the S&P 500. In 2018, the indicator was up 2.77%. That’s great news for investors… According to one study, that means there’s now an 83.7% chance that equities will rise for the year

We’re Entering the Most Profitable Stage of This Bull Market
Near the end of almost every bull market, people who didn’t get in early realize they’re missing out on big money. So, they start jumping in… That pushes prices up quickly. And the market accelerates. We call this a “melt-up.” And right now, it looks like we’re entering the melt-up phase of this current bull market

Trump’s Latest Controversy Could Make This 2018’s Top Speculation
President Trump wants to remove what he calls “unnecessary regulatory burdens” so America can become “energy dominant” again. These pro-energy policies are controversial. But they’re also extremely bullish for U.S. oil and gas companies


Nick Rokke, CFA
Analyst, The Palm Beach Daily

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Just When You Thought Pot Stocks Couldn’t Go Higher…
Jeff Sessions Opens His Mouth…

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