Most of my subscribers know me for my work in crypto…

In 2016, I recommended bitcoin and Ethereum at $428 and $9, respectively. Today, they’re trading at record highs of about $63,000 for bitcoin, and $2,500 for Ethereum.

My long-term subscribers have had the chance to see gains of 15,055% and 27,555% in bitcoin and Ethereum, respectively… enough to turn every $1,000 into $151,549 and $276,550.

And those aren’t even my biggest winners. Many have had the chance to see gains of up to 156,753% and 33,806% on tokens like Neo and Binance.

(I’m not cherry-picking either. Of 68­ current open positions in my flagship Palm Beach Confidential crypto newsletter, 53 are winners. That’s an outstanding 78% win-rate with an insane 2,399% average return.)

Now, I don’t tell you all this to brag. But to share a lesson…

I learned long ago that before you invest in asymmetric ideas like cryptos… first, you need to build a portfolio of safe ideas like blue-chip stocks. You take the safe dividend income generated by your blue chips and funnel that income into explosive asymmetric risk ideas like cryptos.

These asymmetric ideas have the potential to turn $1,000 into $1,568,530 – like some of my subscribers did with Neo. But even if all your asymmetric speculations go to zero… your current lifestyle and wealth wouldn’t be affected.

That’s because whatever you lose on your speculations, you’ll replenish in just a year when you receive the dividend and interest income from your safe investments.

Normally, you can’t make outsized life-changing gains from blue chips like my subscribers have seen in NEO, Binance, bitcoin, and Ethereum. But now and then, the impossible becomes possible, and blue-chip stocks experience massive growth.

For instance, my readers have made 100% on Pfizer in 28 days… 168% on Morgan Stanley in 14 days… 290% on Target in 96 days… and 600% on Jefferies in just 42 days.

I’ve only seen these types of life-changing gains happen during what I call an “Anomaly Window.”

During these Anomaly Windows, boring blue-chip stocks can see crypto-like gains in just a few weeks.

It’s one of the few opportunities to make asymmetric gains from conservative companies. Here’s what you need to know: The next Anomaly Window is about to open soon.

I want to emphasize: The results above aren’t from backtests… Just like my crypto gains above, these are actual gains my subscribers have had the chance to book on blue-chip stocks.

Know this: Wall Street has no upside in telling you about the Anomaly Window. So you won’t hear about it from them.

Wall Street hopes you never find out about how the Anomaly Window works because they make annuity-like returns from investing with them over 20- and 40-year periods.

But within the Anomaly Window, you can see 20 years’ worth of gains in 42 days or less. That blows a hole right through Wall Street’s buy-and-hold model that makes them $17 billion a year in money management fees.

The Window Is Open

Since leaving Wall Street, my goal has been to help create more millionaires than any other financial newsletter editor in the U.S.

And I’m proud to say my ideas have helped numerous Americans achieve their dreams…

Whether it’s alternative assets like cryptocurrencies or pre-IPO deals, I’ve created value for my readers by introducing them to life-changing opportunities.

Now, I know everyone isn’t into cryptos or pre-IPO deals. Maybe you don’t have the risk appetite for pre-IPOs… or you just don’t understand cryptos.

So I’ve been looking for an opportunity in the stock market that offers similar gains. And that’s how I came across the Anomaly Windows.

Friends, if you’re willing to go out of your comfort zone, then I’ll show you how you could potentially buy back 20 years of life when the next Anomaly Window opens.

That’s why at 8 p.m. ET on Wednesday, April 21, I will introduce you to a little-known yet powerful wealth-building strategy that can help you claim 20 years of investment gains in less than a year.

During this special investment alert, I’ll tell you exactly what an Anomaly Window is… when the next one is opening… and how you can use it to potentially pull forward two decades of profits from the stock market this year.

Once you see the results of this strategy in percentage terms, it will blow you away. I’m talking about 5x, 10x, even 20x gains on your money – from boring blue-chip stocks.

It’s a strategy so lucrative, Nasdaq calls it “one of Wall Street’s best-kept secrets.” And now I’ll share it with you in this special event, How to Buy Back 20 Years of Your Life.

The event is free to attend. You only need an open mind.

So, join me on April 21, and let me show you how to make 20 years’ worth of stock market gains in about 12 weeks.

Let the Game Come to You!

Teeka Tiwari
Editor, Palm Beach Daily

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