Tuesday, May 23, 2017

One of the World’s Best Investors Just Targeted This Company
In the sports world, a “whale” is a superstar player who’s entering free agency. Teams hunt these valuable whales because they can change a franchise’s fortune. The investing world has its own whales, too. David Tepper is one of them. And his latest catch is a doozy

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

How Amazon Plans to Become the World’s Biggest Drug Dealer  
Amazon is steamrolling the retail industry. The first to bite the dust was booksellers. Then apparel sellers. Then electronics sellers. Next up: drug sellers. If Amazon can muscle its way into the retail pharmacy sector, it will be well on its way to becoming the world’s biggest drug dealer

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Why This Frugal Investor Is Buying an “Expensive” Stock
Seth Klarman is one of the world’s greatest value investors. In fact, he wrote the book on safe investing: Margin of Safety. This is a guy who probably considers anything over 20 times earnings to be expensive. So when he recently put 6% of his fund’s money into a company that’s trading at 576 times earnings, we did a double take

Friday, May 26, 2017

They Killed Bitcoin 129 Times; Each Time, It Came Back Even Stronger
Since 2011, bitcoin’s been declared dead at least 129 times. Newsletter writers, journalists, and academics have called it a “Ponzi scheme.” But since those obituaries started popping up in 2011, bitcoin has rocketed from a low of 75 cents to as high as $2,770—an astronomical 369,223% gain. Here’s why all the skeptics will be wrong again


Trump’s antidote for the Deep State (and Fake News)
Yes, Obama loyalists and Big Media ARE trying to undermine Trump’s presidency… But once this strange red fluid hits the scene, they’ll be powerless to hurt him. That’s because this incredible substance is going to radically change the world for the better… And if we’re right, Trump’s going to get the credit for it. In fact, we predict it’ll make him the #1 POTUS of all time. Find out why right here.