Grant WasylikSenior Investment Analyst, Palm Beach Research Group

Grant Wasylik

Grant has worked in various roles in the investment industry for almost two decades.

After spending three years as an investment editor at Weiss Research and a financial advisor-only investment publication, Grant has returned to Palm Beach Research Group as a Senior Investment Analyst. He was previously co-editor and analyst on The Palm Beach Letter.

Before entering the newsletter business, Grant was a lead portfolio manager and head research analyst for a billion-dollar wealth manager for 10 years. He also spent several years working in a specialized risk-trading department at Charles Schwab, where he was the first-ever external hire into this elite department. In his first stint in the securities business (after passing Series 7, 64, and 24 exams), he supervised a trade desk for a discount brokerage firm.

Given his vast investment experience, Grant has a deep contact list of more than 500 mutual fund, exchange-traded fund (ETF), index, hedge fund, and other top-notch financial professionals at his fingertips. He receives special invitations to—and attends—several of the world’s top investments conferences each year.

Grant graduated from Juniata College in Pennsylvania with an economics major and accounting minor.

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