Bitcoin took a one-two combo this past week…

Tesla CEO Elon Musk landed the jab when he said his company would no longer accept BTC as car payments because BTC mining consumed too much energy.

And China followed with a right cross when it announced it would again crack down on cryptocurrency trading. (This isn’t really “new” news. China has huffed and puffed about restricting bitcoin trading for years now. And bitcoin is still alive and kicking.)

The combo knocked bitcoin all the way down to $30,000… But it’s back off the mat and raring to go another round. As of this writing, it’s up about 20% off its recent lows.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to regular readers. Daily editor Teeka Tiwari has long said volatility is the price of admission for life-changing gains in crypto.

And as Teeka noted on Monday, we’ve seen this movie before. Bitcoin rose from nearly $400 to $20,000 during the epic 2016–17 crypto bull market… But along the way, it dropped 30% or more on six occasions.

Bottom line: Each time bitcoin gets knocked down, it comes back stronger.

So if you’re bullish on bitcoin like we are at the Daily, ignore the naysayers and stay the course… because if his research is right, Teeka predicts bitcoin will hit $500,000 within five years. And it’ll be due in part to a catalyst he calls the “Super Halving.”

The coming Super Halving is too big to explain in today’s issue, so click here to learn more. And then read on to learn why the recent volatility is just a bump in the road to life-changing gains…


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Chaka Ferguson
Editorial Director, Palm Beach Daily

P.S. While many crypto investors are focused on short-term volatility, a long-term $30 trillion revolution in one underlying crypto technology is just getting started…

Teeka believes it’ll be the No.1 investment of the decade… like buying Microsoft in the ‘80s… Amazon in the ‘90s… and bitcoin in 2010.

Any one of these could have made you a millionaire many times over, starting with very little… And that’s why he recently shared the details of his No. 1 investment in an exclusive interview.

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