Although President Trump made headlines with his handshake deal with China, the markets weren’t buying it…

So this past week, we told you how to protect yourself against the surging volatility—while also highlighting a way to take advantage of government overreach in a particular industry… Meanwhile, the crypto bear market is unearthing some potentially profitable opportunities. All that, and more, below…

Teeka Tiwari on the Beauty Contest Analogy
It’s been a volatile few weeks with the markets zooming up and down. But former hedge fund manager Teeka Tiwari says it’s not time to sell your stocks yet. Instead, he says to do this

This Is the Bear Market You Should Worry About
Bonds are on pace to have their worst performance since 1976. Here’s how you should prepare for this bear market

What Trump’s China Handshake Means for the Market
Here at the Daily, we like to find under-the-radar ways to make money in the markets. And one tried-and-true way to do so is to buy companies before they do this

This Breakup Could Unlock $105 Billion in Value
An official trade agreement still isn’t on the books yet. So before we can buy the rumor, we need to watch for one important thing

Why Speculators Should Buy the Crypto Pullback
Just like with the railroad industry in the 1800s, we’re seeing a pattern unfold in cryptocurrencies. And a new narrative is emerging that’s going to take us into the next boom


Nick Rokke
Analyst, The Palm Beach Daily

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