Right now, crypto sentiment is negative because of the heat Facebook’s Libra is taking. Lawmakers are pushing to keep Big Tech from issuing digital currencies. And the IRS is becoming more aggressive in pursuing hidden crypto holdings…

But despite the continuing negative headlines, the adoption of digital assets is still growing at a record pace. So while the naysayers keep worrying, we’ll stay rational.

Read on to find out how below…

You Can’t Kill Bitcoin
With all the opposition to Facebook’s Libra, it’s clear that governments still don’t like crypto. But as hard as they may try, they can’t shut down true cryptos like bitcoin

What I’m Watching Tomorrow Night…
This is a banner year for early stage tech investments. It has enormous implications for the tech market—so investors need to pay close attention

The IRS Is Taking Aim at Cryptos
Lawmakers are trying to protect incumbents from tech companies’ innovations. But this is a terrible idea—and a great way to stifle economic growth

This Bull Just Issued a Warning Signal
The market is overheating, but hasn’t reached overbought levels yet. And just like your car’s yellow check engine light, that’s a warning sign

Altcoin Season Is Closer Than You Think
Alt season is rapidly approaching. Gains of 100%, 500%, and even 1,000% or more will be there for the taking. Here’s how you can position yourself for maximum profits


Chaka Ferguson
Managing Editor, Palm Beach Daily