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“Want to get rich? Don’t pay off your student loans…”

That’s the dangerous headline of a recent CNNMoney article. A 2009 Drexel College graduate wrote it. He graduated school that year jobless, $50,000 in debt, and with $200 in his bank account. But unlike the student we featured in the December 10 Daily—who extinguished $13,000 in student loans in under a year by slashing expenses […]

We’ve collected fat “invisible income” nine times already in 2014… and January brings a new one-day, 6% gift.

From Grant Wasylik, chief analyst, The Palm Beach Letter: One of our Performance Portfolio holdings just announced another big “special” holiday dividend. Regular Palm Beach Letter (PBL) subscribers know we’ve stressed our “Special Dividend” theme for the last year. Special dividends—discretionary dividend payouts beyond the regular dividend payment schedule—are a way for us to collect […]

This is what to do BEFORE you let fear crush your portfolio…

The Greek market crashed. Japan’s in a recession. Oil is plummeting. New defaults are feared. The list of scary headlines goes on and on… And all of these fear-laced concerns have caused the Volatility Index, or VIX, to spike almost 70% higher. The VIX is known as the market’s “fear gauge.” It closed above 20 […]

If you’re terrified of another crash, put your money into this “crash proof” company right now

“A ‘bond-like’ 7% return…” That’s what Palm Beach Letter (PBL) Chief Analyst Grant Wasylik just wrote about this month’s recommendation. Grant’s pick came from deep research into the 2008 financial crisis. While almost every single U.S. stock dropped like a rock during the crash, this company posted gains. In fact, it is one of only […]