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Mark’s 5 secrets to startup riches, revealed…

The WhatsApp success story should come as no surprise to regular Daily readers. That’s because the company implemented most of Mark’s core methodology for creating successful businesses: Limit Your Preparation: Before you start your business, make sure you understand what is required in   terms of time and money. And understand too how you are […]

Enter this combination to unlock the secret to $1 billion startup success

“450, 32, 1, 0…” These numbers are a type of “secret code.” They were highlighted by Sequoia (hedge fund) partner Jim Goetz. He was describing the secrets to success for another high-profile startup darling: WhatsApp. WhatsApp created a $0.99 simple mobile text messaging replacement app. It’s like Skype for text messaging… letting you text with […]

This dangerous new number demolishes the excess seen at the 2000 market top

“When the market turns, and it will… Many high burn rate companies will VAPORIZE.” That’s a tweet from Netscape founder Mark Andreessen. Web browser Netscape was how most folks “surfed the Web” in the modern Internet’s early days. Andreessen’s ominous comment refers to the amount of “high burn rate” startup companies enjoying valuations in the […]

We’ve collected fat “invisible income” nine times already in 2014… and January brings a new one-day, 6% gift.

From Grant Wasylik, chief analyst, The Palm Beach Letter: One of our Performance Portfolio holdings just announced another big “special” holiday dividend. Regular Palm Beach Letter (PBL) subscribers know we’ve stressed our “Special Dividend” theme for the last year. Special dividends—discretionary dividend payouts beyond the regular dividend payment schedule—are a way for us to collect […]