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Why Your 401(k) Is a Scam!

Editor’s Note: Back in June, we shared a short video from our longtime friend, best-selling author, and “serial entrepreneur,” James Altucher. In it, he detailed how investing in a 401(k) is a complete waste of money. It struck a nerve… we received a boatload of letters railing against the idea. That tells us he may […]

The Four Rules to Evaluating a Business

If you read financial writing for any length of time, the jargon and acronyms will overwhelm you. Consider the many tools used to value a business: P/E ratios, enterprise value (EV), free cash flow (FCF)… The list is endless (and confusing). In the piece below, Mark shares his real-world, commonsense method for evaluating businesses. Use […]

Tom Dyson: How I used safe speculations to make $350K

In yesterday’s Daily, we shared direct personal insight from PBRG’s founder and publisher, Tom Dyson. He shared his greatest investment lesson. Today, we delve into Tom’s greatest investment success… What’s your biggest personal success as an investor? From Tom Dyson, publisher, Palm Beach Research Group: My greatest “investment” success was really as a speculator… I […]

Why Wall Street doesn’t want you to EVER hear about these ultra-safe businesses

From Tom Dyson, publisher, Palm Beach Research Group: Most insurance companies crashed during the 2008-2009 financial crisis. For example, insurance titan MetLife’s stock dropped 80%. But a little-known type of insurance company had less than 1% of its investments listed as “nonperforming” over this same time. What accounts for the discrepancy? There are two types […]