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A modest response to Donald Trump and Economics 101…

In Sunday’s Daily, we featured a guest post by distinguished free market economics professor, Mark Perry, Ph.D. Professor Perry shared his view of Republican presidential contender Donald Trump. He explained how Trump holds some faulty economic positions when it comes to international trade. The essay struck a vein… In today’s special Daily, we share several […]

We’re handing out $1,750. Want it?

How would you like to put $1,750 in your pocket… for helping your grandchild get a job? Palm Beach Research Group is always looking for smart, motivated, talented people to join our cause. But we know many of our readers are retired, so work might not be on their radar. Their children and grandchildren, on […]

Mark Ford: Finding inspiration from an unlikely source…

From Mark Ford, editor, Creating Wealth: Miley Cyrus is the last person I’d have expected to impress me. Her scandalous brand isn’t exactly something I want to promote. But I was impressed by what she recently said about money, fame, and happiness: People in this industry think, “I just gotta keep getting more money,” and […]

Mark Ford: Why positive thinking doesn’t work… but this related step does

From Mark Ford, editor, Creating Wealth: It’s one of the great fallacies in the self-help industry: You can change your life with “positive thinking.” The purveyors of positivism—starting with Napoleon Hill and including the people who now promote The Secret—contend we all have, at our conscious disposal, the means to transform ourselves into walking, breathing […]

How Donald Trump flunks Econ 101 when it comes to international trade

Editor’s Note: Today’s Daily is brought to you by PBRG friend and distinguished economist, Professor Mark J. Perry. Professor Perry is a frequent contributor to The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and Investor’s Business Daily. His blog on free market economics, Carpe Diem, is required reading around Palm Beach HQ. Today, Professor Perry explains […]