At the Daily, we’re always looking for ways to level the playing field between the rich and the not-yet-rich…

So we’ve identified the money-making opportunities you can take advantage of today—including how to spot lucrative collectibles… and even two companies set to profit from Huawei’s blacklisting.

But it’s the changing public mood towards legal cannabis that could hand investors the best chance at life-changing gains since cryptos. With fewer legal hurdles and Wall Street watching how Main Street reacts, tons of capital will flow into this “miracle drug” as it becomes more accepted and widespread.

Get the scoop below…

What I Bought at This Drug Market
In this up-and-coming industry, a lot of people expect to wade through a sea of hippies at smelly, run-down stores. But the reality is far from that

President Trump Blacklisted This Company—Buy Its Rivals
President Trump has blacklisted Huawei in his latest salvo against China in the ever-escalating trade war. However, it could prove beneficial for Western tech companies, too

Buy This Tech Company After It Crashes
Many investors trying to make life-changing gains in the markets buy early-stage companies as soon as they go public. Yet that could be a big mistake

If You Own These Cards, They’re Worth Millions
With all the volatility in the stock market, it’s important to diversify your assets. And investing in collectibles is a great way to do so

Wall Street Insider: Even My Grandmother Uses Legal Cannabis
The global market for legal cannabis is about $166 billion—and it’s a great opportunity for investors. But what does the smart money think about it?


Nick Rokke
Analyst, The Palm Beach Daily

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