Over the past year, we’ve shared plenty of wealth-building insights you won’t find in the mainstream media. And this week, we continued to deliver, revealing two major trends to watch in 2020… and how you can play them for profit here and here.

But with the holidays upon us, it’s important to take a break and enjoy time with family and friends. So if there are still some items left on your shopping list, here’s one idea that’s perfect for your loved ones.

Happy Holidays from the PBRG team…

This Stock Is a Perfect Stocking Stuffer
If you’re looking for last-minute holiday gifts, this idea could save the day. It’s better than traditional stocking stuffers, and your loved ones will be thanking you years down the road

Three Reasons to Stay in Stocks in 2020
The bears are saying stocks are dead. But here are three reasons you should ignore them – and stay in stocks next year instead

The Next Big Trend in Crypto
Wall Street is salivating to get its hands on a share of crypto profits. And this greed will be a key driver for crypto prices in 2020

The Bitcoin Secret Your Financial Advisor Won’t Tell You
There’s a big secret about crypto that Wall Street is keeping from you. And you need to act now – before the big banks and brokerage houses come into this space

The Moon Landing Nobody Noticed
We spot groundbreaking trends for you before they hit mainstream. And there’s a new life-changing technology that will change the world as we know it


Chaka Ferguson
Managing Editor, Palm Beach Daily

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