On June 10, 2021, I had to write one of the most difficult emails I’ve ever written in my 32-year professional career covering the markets.

It wasn’t easy for me to send this email to thousands of my subscribers. It was downright dejecting. But I had no choice.

Here’s an excerpt from it…


Note: It wouldn’t be fair to my paid-up subscribers if I revealed this recommendation, so we’ve blurred out its name.

Palm Beach Venture is my elite private investing newsletter. My team uses a proprietary strategy to find the best pre-IPOs in the world.

I’ve personally used this strategy to make millions of dollars from private deals… as have many folks in our professional network.

Now, here’s why I’m sharing an excerpt of this email with you…

Longtime readers know I don’t hold special events unless I have a potentially life-changing idea to share. I value your time too much to waste it on anything less.

That’s why on June 9, I held a webinar called 24 Hours to 24/7 Freedom. During the event, I discussed the pre-unicorn idea I had uncovered.

Now, out of fairness to my paying subscribers, I can’t reveal the name of the pre-IPO company. But I believe it’ll go public soon. And when it does, it could hand early investors gains of up to 266,567%.

That’s the very definition of a life-changing return.

But there was a catch. I warned the thousands of people in attendance the night of June 9 that this private placement could fill up in about 24 hours.

But I was wrong. It filled up in 12 hours.

Those who didn’t take action that night found the doors to this deal closed. I had to send an email the next day informing them it was full. It was one of the toughest emails I ever had to write.

Many of my subscribers were discouraged. And of course, I got tons of angry emails. But I understood their frustration.

The chance to invest in a pre-unicorn with the potential to hand you up to 266,567% when it goes public doesn’t come around often.

It’s a rare, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. And when the window closes, it closes for good. So the regret is real.

Because by law, pre-IPO companies can only accept a limited number of investors. And I made that clear the night of my event. So unfortunately, my hands were tied.

That’s why I’m writing you about an urgent buy alert today.

My team has uncovered a pre-IPO idea I believe is bigger than my last one. And it could fill up even faster…

A Track Record Like No Other

In the private pre-IPO market, early investors can get into companies for pennies per share and sell them for tens of dollars. That makes private equity investing one of the few places outside of crypto where you can make life-changing gains.

The problem with private equity is unless you’re already wealthy or exceedingly well connected, it’s nearly impossible to get in these deals.

One of the ways I’ve been so successful for my readers is by developing a network of insiders and riding their coattails.

And recently, one of my insiders reached out to me with what could be the single-biggest pre-IPO deal I’ve ever come across.

The investor behind it has built his entire billion-dollar fortune off 11 private deals.

His first deal took a small internet service provider from 8 cents per share to as high as $10. That’s a 12,400% return on investment.

Then there’s deal No. 3. It was a 20-year-old gold mine this venture capitalist (VC) and his team acquired for $2 million – pennies on the dollar.

By the time they were done with it… the mine was a moneymaking machine. It sold for $580 million. That’s a return of 29,000%.

Deal No. 10 was absolutely insane. It had a return on investment of 460,000%. That’s enough to turn $1,000 into $4.6 million.

When you have the chance to invest alongside a dealmaker like this guy… you’ve got to take the shot. And that’s why back in January 2020, I recommended my subscribers follow him into deal No. 11.

It turned out to be a milestone IPO…

Deal No. 11 became the first-ever pre-IPO cannabis company to list on the Nasdaq in its 50-year history.

My subscribers got a chance to get private shares at $2.25. After the IPO, they soared as high as $21.45. That’s an 854% gain in just a few months.

That brings me to what I call “No. 12”…

Sorry, We’re Now Full

Friends, I don’t want you to ever get an email like this from me…


That’s the subject line of the email I sent to subscribers who didn’t act on the pre-IPO deal I recommended during my last special event.

But now, you have a rare second chance…

On Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET, I’m holding an all-hands-on-deck emergency briefing for deal No. 12.

The man behind this deal is the same guy who brought No. 11 to my attention. And now, you can take part in his 12th deal.

Here’s why this deal is so special…

Remember deal No. 10 – the 460,000% gain I mentioned above?

That pre-IPO company went public on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). I’m talking about the Big Board. The biggest exchange in the world.

Now, this very same insider plans to list deal No. 12 on the NYSE, too.

Some VCs go entire careers without finding a single pre-IPO deal that lists on the NYSE… and this venture capitalist could have two.

Let me be very clear: If you want in on deal No. 12 – and you want in before it lists on the NYSE … you must act now. It’s critical you make your move immediately.

Now, can I guarantee No. 12 will see gains as high as No. 10? Of course, I can’t.

But what I can tell you is not getting in deal No. 12 could be one of the biggest missed opportunities of your life. And I don’t want you to live with that type of regret.

Friends, I hope I never have to write another email telling thousands of my readers they missed out on a potentially life-changing idea because they waited one day too long.

It’s a huge letdown.

That is why I must warn you No. 12 may fill up in hours. So time is not on your side.

Click here to reserve your seat today.

And let me show you how no matter your net worth… no matter your background… you can invest alongside this billionaire before his 12th deal goes public.

Let the Game Come to You!

Teeka Tiwari
Editor, Palm Beach Daily