The market is humming along… with GDP growing at its highest pace in four years, unemployment at its lowest level in decades, and companies reporting record-breaking earnings. Yet, there are some dark clouds on the horizon…

Inflation is on the rise… The trade war is heating up… And rising interest rates are threatening to crush bond investors. Below is your roadmap to avoid these potential pitfalls, while steering your way to profits…

Teeka Tiwari on Inflation and the Income Exodus
Inflation has increased 2.9% so far this year, and hasn’t been this high since 2012. Here’s why bond holders need to pay close attention to that number

35 Metals Are Critical to U.S. Security—The Trade War Will Boost One
In May 2018, the Trump administration deemed 35 minerals were “critical” to national security. But only one of them is about to see a major rally

Three Ways to Beat the Gold Bear Market
The mood among gold investors is understandably gloomy. The yellow metal has been in a seven-year bear market. But there are three niche sectors in this space that are thriving

The Secret Behind Trump’s Trade War Tweets
Today, the main stock market narrative is the trade war. And one man controls that narrative—Donald Trump. If he can show the trade war is ending, the market will skyrocket

This Is the Hardest Question for Retirees to Answer
If the interest rate on your savings account is 1% per year, and inflation is 2% per year, after one year, would you be able to buy more or less with your account? See if you got the right answer here


Nick Rokke
Analyst, The Palm Beach Daily

P.S. Last month, world-renowned cryptocurrency expert Teeka Tiwari made the boldest prediction of his career during a live broadcast from Glenn Beck’s Dallas studios: Bitcoin is going over $65,000.

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