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REVIEWED: Zero-fee trading is here at last… but there’s a catch

From Greg Wilson, chief analyst, The Legacy Portfolio: Alan B.’s question in the February 11 Palm Beach Daily mailbag caught my eye. He asked about Robinhood, a brokerage offering zero-fee trading. Robinhood is a trading platform designed by millennials, for millennials (Americans under 30-ish). Founders Vladimir Tenev and Baiju Bhatt’s goal is to “democratize” access […]

This bullish economic indicator just hit an 8-year extreme

  This bullish economic indicator just hit an 8-year extreme Pragmatic Capitalism reports the “misery index” just fell to its lowest point since 2007. (The “misery index’’ combines the unemployment rate with the rate of inflation.) Its current level is just 6.9%… far below the 70-year average of 9.5%. In case you believe this data is […]

MORE cash headed your way… our stocks hiked their dividends AGAIN

“Hey, Reeves, you forgot about ‘pay raise time’ over here at Mega Trends…” My friend and colleague Teeka Tiwari, editor of Mega Trends Investing (MTI), is referring to the February 10 Daily. In it, we told subscribers three of The Palm Beach Letter’s Performance Portfolio stocks just received substantial dividend hikes. But Mega Trends subscribers […]