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When you see a headline like this, you know it is time to BUY

“Is the age of McDonald’s over?” That was the headline of a recent Yahoo! Finance article on the fast food giant (NYSE: MCD). It lists slumping sales and a string of negative PR incidents overseas—like a tooth found in chicken McNuggets in Japan—as reasons investors should sell their MCD shares. The article goes on to […]

This is the most dangerous thing facing American society

Last week, we shared one of Tom’s favorite books, Crisis Investing for the Rest of the ’90s, by Doug Casey. Palm Beach Daily readers quickly snatched up all of Amazon’s cheap copies. If you weren’t able to get a copy of the book, take a look at the clip below. The interview covers topics in […]

One-cent books and the law of supply and demand…

Editor’s note: In this morning’s Daily we shared one of Tom’s favorite books. It’s called Crisis Investing for the Rest of the ’90s, by Doug Casey. And it was trading on Amazon for $0.01. Early actors snatched up copies for a penny. With over 100,000 free and paid subscribers, Palm Beach Daily readers quickly extinguished […]

Tom Dyson: The best penny you will ever spend

It costs one cent at But it’s the most valuable book they sell. It was published in 1993. But it’s as relevant as any current book today. I discovered it during the financial crisis in 2008. As the stock market collapsed and the banks failed, I’d been staying up all night trading the markets […]

Two 10-second tests tell you if your stocks are safe

“That was amazing. How did you do that?” I have to pat my crew on the back. While most investors had a stressful October 2014, the readers of the newsletters I publish were able to relax.  Take for example the performance of The Palm Beach Letter, edited by Chief Analyst Grant Wasylik. As Grant noted […]