Many readers think we should avoid politics and stick to the markets.

But paying attention to what the market’s saying will help you grow your portfolio and build your retirement nest egg. And right now, Wall Street’s signaling uncertainties over what’s happening in Washington.

Yet key sectors will benefit from the political gridlock. And we shared them with you this week. Be sure to catch up below, so you can profit no matter where the market goes…

Follow the Smart Money to This Market Oasis
By following big waves of money in the stock market, you can know which sectors are going higher or lower in advance. And here’s where these waves are headed today

The Other Wolf of Wall Street
When most people think of big-money traders, they probably envision something like Martin Scorsese’s hit movie, The Wolf of Wall Street. But there’s another side of Wall Street that you don’t see in the movies

The Market Is Predicting a Trump Victory in 2020
The media thought Hillary Clinton would be a shoo-in during the 2016 presidential election—and blamed the upset on many reasons. Yet this stock-picking system actually signaled a Trump victory

Impeachment Talk Is Sending Big Money Into This Sector
No matter what you think of Trump, Wall Street doesn’t like political uncertainty. But you can still profit as long as you know where the big money is headed next

Is Bitcoin in a Death Spiral?
Crypto goes up 30–40% on no news—and drops 30–40% on no news, too. And while people panic on drops, here’s why they have absolutely no bearing on long-term price trajectory


Chaka Ferguson
Managing Editor, Palm Beach Daily

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