You can spend all your time studying the markets or getting plenty of degrees and fancy letters behind your name. But none of it matters if you panic whenever the market turns against you.

And it inevitably will.

So rather than panicking with the herd, stay the course. In fact, you should even consider using any pullbacks to add some exposure in sectors profiting from Washington’s latest policies and getting a boost from the smart money.

We’ve pinpointed them—and more—for you below…

Teeka Tiwari on President Trump’s Revenge—Part 2
President Trump has enacted major policies that’ll boost the economy. Those who know where to invest will make significant gains—and here’s another industry that stands to profit

Why It Pays to Follow Politics
Many readers think we should stick to the markets and avoid politics. Some even get upset with us. But the thing is, Washington is too big and powerful to ignore

This Person Is Every Investor’s Worst Enemy
It’s hard for most Americans to achieve a comfortable retirement when striking underperformance is common. So for average investors to improve their returns, they need to do this

Two Ways the Smart Money Is Beating the Trade War
A little fear in the markets is good—it means not everyone is invested. And this money sitting on the sidelines will buffer any pullbacks. So when should you worry?

The Fastest Way to Skim Profits From This Energy Merger
When it comes to mergers, smart investors can profit. And right now, there’s an ongoing mega-deal that you could sit back and reap the benefits from—without lifting a finger


Nick Rokke
Analyst, The Palm Beach Daily

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