Markets are fickle—and the main culprit is the mainstream media…

Positive headlines are shooting stocks and cryptos up just as fast as the negative ones are knocking them down. But that’s why we uncover strategies you can use to make money no matter what happens in the markets.

And this week, we showed you why Britain and bitcoin are money-making opportunities despite the recent doom-and-gloom news. Be sure to catch up below…

Now’s the Time to Buy This Unloved Market
You can make some of the biggest gains by betting against the consensus. So now’s the chance to be greedy while others are fearful

Three Trades to Turn Market Fear Into Profits
A lucrative niche in the market will allow you to generate income whether we’re in a bull or bear market. And here are three trades you can make to take advantage of it now

Bullish for Bitcoin: Bakkt Is Setting Records
Despite its slow start, the Bakkt platform launch is still a major catalyst for bitcoin. In fact, here’s why you should expect bitcoin to reach new highs because of it

How Cryptos Can Solve America’s Retirement Crisis
Pension plan freezes are on the rise. But this pension crisis is a big opportunity for cryptos—and there’s an easy way you can profit from it, too

These Three Charts Show Where Bitcoin Is Headed
Crypto news has generally been negative recently. But in moments like these, you should dig past the headlines to look at the fundamentals. And here’s what they’re showing now


Chaka Ferguson
Managing Editor, Palm Beach Daily

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